How To Rap Better

How To Rap Better

How to rap better

You will start with 2 rules of freestyling

To help you think outside of the box

Breakthrough any performance anxiety.

How To Rap Better

Then you will start finding confidence in your own unique voice

Second, you will learn how to find your own unique flow.

Third, you get the instant experience of thinking outside of the box and realizing you don’t need to rhyme every line to turn anything into freestyle or song.

How To Rap Better

In the fourth step,

You will be amazed at how natural it feels now to tell your own story over a beat.

Then we will go through the Top 3 Freestyle struggles and how to fix them easily.

How To Rap Better

You will learn the key difference between writing lyrics and improvising lyrics. This will help you break through any creative blocks

Last we will get into the psychology behind the steps to help you take your skill to a deeper level every time you freestyle

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How To Rap Better
How To Rap Better


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