How to Start A Mechanic Shop At Home – Auto Repair Shop In Africa

How to Start A Mechanic Shop At Home – Auto Repair Shop In Africa

Starting a mechanic workshop anywhere in Africa is overwhelming and sometimes demanding. This is especially when there is no help or guide on what to do or what you need to start a mechanic workshop or how to start a mechanic shop at home.

Africa especially Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Eutopia, Ghana, Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire, and other fast-growing economies in Africa, the demand for services among motorist is ever increasing, and the inflow of vehicles and motorcycles makes a mechanics workshop a very profitable business. Due to fewer standard mechanic workshops, many young unemployed youths are turning into auto mechanics to help fill in the gap in demand for auto repairers. Here we will talk more about how to start a mechanic shop at home country.

The benefits of a standard mechanic workshop

For instance in Nigeria, there are fewer standard car mechanics, which create a huge gap to be filled. A standard mechanic workshop is different from the well-known mechanic (traditional mechanic) with only a shade and fewer tools, standard workshop means every tool needed should be available like the car diagnostic tools.

In the past and even in recent times, the motorist who took their cars for repairs ended up with more problems than they originally had. This is because no proper diagnosis has been carried out, its all a guesswork. This is due to the mechanic’s fault by not knowing what is actually causing the problem.

No motorist enjoys paying for something which is avoidable just because of inefficiency. With standard or digital mechanic workshops finding actual problems and solving them is easy, leaving your customer happy and little money out of pocket.

Digitalised mechanic workshop increases efficiency, and promotes services through satisfied customers. With standardized workshop getting to the root of the problem is done electronically using digital scanners. This helps to save time, money and space. By space we mean, customers don’t have to wait longer to get the problems solve and giving way to other motorists to come in.

Due to the amount of new digitalized cars available in the market, the demand for an advanced mechanic workshop is on the rise, so there is always a market to service.

Patronising standard mechanic workshop is on the rise because motorist prefers to wait for days even weeks to get their cars well looked after by avoiding the traditional mechanics.

People use more cars now than years ago, and cars always develop faults and this is where mechanics are needed and making money is guaranteed.

Tools used in an automobile workshop

Some of the tools need to start and run a mechanic workshop. These are the tools used in automobile workshop and are mandatory if you want to run a professional workshop.

Remember, to run a standard mechanic workshop, you need investment or capital to purchase some of this equipment because they don’t come cheap. To execute a good job, these tools are a must-have for any standard workshop.

How To Germinate Apple Seeds In Nigeria

Basic Standard mechanical tools list:
Auto repair shop equipment list

A computer (laptop)

HP OMENLaptop15-ce001nia Intel®Core™i7 2.8 Gz (16 RAM 1 TB HDD) 15.6 ” Windows 10 Laptop – Black/Red – 2CM57EA#BH5

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A hydraulic floor jack

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack – 3.5 Ton Capacity

Buy Now

A transmission jack

450 Lbs Capacity Low Lift Transmission Jack with Safety Chain/Strap

Buy Now

A mechanical toolbox

Universal Complete Mechanical Metal Tool Box

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An axle stand

Faithfull Axle Stands Quick Release Ratchet Adjustment 6000kg

Buy Now

A brake pressure test kit

Universal Injection Gauge Pressure Tester Test Kit Car System Pump Tool Set

Buy Now

An oil extractor

Wekster Multi-Purpose Siphon Transfer Pump Kit, with Dipstick Tube | Fluid Fuel Extractor Suction Tool for Oil, Gasoline, Water, Liquids & Air

Buy Now

A diagnostic machine

Autel Maxidas DS808(Upgraded Version of DS708) Automotive Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Scanner with Key Coding and Multi-language System (Same Function as MS906)

Buy Now

An OBD 11 scanner

FOXWELL NT624 PRO Professional Automotive Obd2 Scanner Obdii Code Reader Car All-Systems Diagnostic Scan Tool with ABS/Oil Light Reset and EPB Service Functions CAN OBD II EOBD Scanners

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How Do I Start A Dropshipping Business?

A digital wheel balancer

Ranger Products Digital Tire Balancer – Automatic DataWand Entry, Model# DST-64T

How to Start A Mechanic Shop At Home
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A TPMS scanner

Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P Vehicle Diagnostics Scanner ECU Coding and J2534 Programming with TS401 TPMS Service Tool

How to Start A Mechanic Shop At Home
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Asymmetric 2 Post Car Lift

Bendpak XPR-10AS 10,000 Lb. Asymmetric 2 Post Car Lift

Buy Now

Guide on how to start a mechanic shop at home

Your business plan:

Auto repair shop business plan. You will need to write a clean and clear business plan with a focus on organization, management, financing, and target. To achieve a successful business, you need a business plan. With a business plan in hand, you will be able to:

  • Run the business effectively
  • Organise the business in a professional way
  • Get investment help from banks and sponsors
  • Able to predict the future of the business

Instead of trying to write your business plan like an essay, get your business plan writing by a professional, this will give you more advantage especially when seeking investment or sponsors.

Get training:

You will need to train your employees on how to use this equipment. Buying such expensive pieces of equipment and leaving them in the hands of people who have little or no knowledge of how they work is a risk to your business formation.

Register your business:

A lot of people don’t know that there is a lot of benefits to registering your business. Some of the benefits are:

  • An investor will not come in when they know the business is not legitimate.
  • For banks to issue out loans and start looking at your business potentials, your business must be registered.
  • Many business owners don’t realize that applying to travel overseas for business or holiday, having a registered business gives you a better chance of not getting turned down. This is because you are regarded as a business owner, not just someone looking to migrate.
  • Manufacturers of this equipment can deliver your propose equipment if they know your business is legal.
  • Registering your business also helps you build a good business account which can be beneficial if want to acquire a property or a mortgage.

What Is Dropshipping

Create a marketing avenue:

Promotion is key to your business success, words of mouth, sign post, and recommendations are not enough. Many mechanics workshop in developed countries run a business website, where they answer questions, sell parts, and direct motorist to their business premise.

You should think of yourself as a professional and do what professionals are doing to get the best out of your investment.

Data Race Hero can help with this, they can help you organize your business online, promote your services, and create a customer base where you can reach out to your customers with offers, guides, and new and improve services available. Visit them at Data Race Hero

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Business Partnership options

If you want to start an auto repair shop and don’t have enough capital in place, the best option is to partner with like-minded individuals either with the same experience as you or just an investor who want investment opportunities like friends and family members. There are benefits associated with partnership business:

  • Increase investment capital
  • You share responsibilities together
  • Share profit and loss
  • Share ideas
  • Increased promotions
  • Increased productivity

Goodluck with your business and please leave a comment, share and like our social media. For help buying products abroad please send us a message.

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

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Data Race has an awesome customer service providers, with full hands on deck to answer your questions. Withing 24 hrs you will be sure to receive communications from their staffs. They are friendly, answer questions with such professionalism, unlike companies that take longer time to provide you with solutions.

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Things To Consider When Starting A New Business 

Factors To Consider Before Starting A Business

How To Germinate Apple Seeds In Nigeria

How To Germinate Apple Seeds

Around the world, apples are one of the most popular fruits, not because of the sweetness of apples, but for its health benefits. The growing of apples and selling of apples is a big business everywhere including Nigeria and Africa at large.

When the question of how to germinate apple seeds came to me, I didn’t want to waste time in providing a readable answer.

I will be taking it step by step in other to ensure those reading will have a clear understanding of what it takes to germinate apple and learn how to germinate apple seeds in Nigeria.

Demand for apples

If you talk about popularity, Apple is one of the oldest and most love fruit in the world. It is in high demand, and the apple fruit was one of the first mention fruits in the Christian doctrine for thousands of years. Till date, it is an evergreen business if you are looking to invest in the production of apple fruits.

But the downside of the apple business is that it is in short supply, but the demand is high which is forcing the prices to rise. Only a few countries grow this fruit, and almost all the countries of the world are in demand of it. Countries like the USA, Chile, China, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa produces the apple fruit to international standard and trade, cultivating and trading it in Nigeria will be an economic booster if more people join the trade.

Read: How Do I Start A Dropshipping Business?

Regional Temperatures for apples

The main ingredient for growing the apple tree is the temperature, the climate of the region must support it before you can have your self an apple fruit tree. Certain types of apple can grow in certain parts of the tropical areas, which makes some part of Nigeria a better place to grow apples.

In Nigeria, the Jos Plateau, Mambilla Plateau, and Obudu cattle ranch are top places for commercial apple production in Nigeria. The Apple Anna is the perfect variety for Jos Plateau due to the temperature climate of the region and the Bell apple grow in other parts of the country but it is in high demand.

How to grow apple with the seeds

How To Germinate Apple Seeds In Nigeria

The seasonal period to plant your seeds is between September and April.
It is my personal advice to first grow the seedlings in a different small pot in your house before transferring into a larger area into the ground.

Follow the below method if you are either starting off with a pot or direct to the farmland.

Plant your seedlings at a spacing of 5m by 5m and you can plant up to 145 or more seedlings per acre.
Press each seed into a moist ground, not too deep, just barely covered with the soil because it needs light to germinate.

You should space the seed about 1 inch from each other.

After planting, you should water the ground and not let the ground dry out throughout the germination period.

It takes up to 3 weeks before it starts to germinate.

It requires humidity and water (preferably rainwater) to grow.

It is preferable to grow the bell apples in a sandy soil or sandy clay soil, or in a moderately acidic soil, in a well-drained soil.

Excess water should be quickly drained, this is to avoid waterlogging.

Use manure on the soil, and avoid chemical fertilizers.

I advise that, as a starter, you should try this planting with about 5 seeds so you can familiarise yourself with the process before going big.

At 10 weeks, the plants are ready for sale if that’s what you want to do, or you can grow them into apple trees.

It takes up to 3 years before the tree begins to produce its first fruit.

With a combination of all the fruit trees, one is set to harvest 500 to 1000 fruits from each harvest.

You can be lucky to get up to two harvests a year.

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Diseases and prevention

The most common pest are thrips, aphids, crown blight and collar rot diseases. Use the pest-resistant rootstock to rid the plant of it.


How Do I Start A Dropshipping Business?

How do I start a DropShipping business?

Years ago, there was nothing like drop shipping, then as the online shopping started growing, then there comes dropshipping. See it as you may want, but drop shipping business makes more money for the supplier than you who is a dropshipper.

Remember, for each item sold and shipped, you only earn a commission, but this commission can be in thousands if you run it as it should be.

How to start a dropshipping business is not rocket science, you just have to do the first things first.

For you my friend who asked, How do I start a dropshipping business? here is an outline of what to start with.

Find a niche

Basically, I will explain niche as your target audience, or market etc. It is best to find a niche, let your niche be something you are familiar with, something you can make a reasonable profit selling. Example, women bra can be your niche, whitening cream can be your niche, something which sends a particular person or audience to your store always.

For example, is niche targeted, my job here is to tell people more about dropshipping, recommend dropshipping companies and so many things.

How Do I Start A Dropshipping Business

How to find a dropshipping business niche

  • Your niche should be something you have passion and interest in,
  • Your niche should be something that identifies and solve a problem,
  • Research your niche to identify the competition, by doing a bit of research, you will find out if your choosing niche is worth it, and if you can beat the competitors.
  • Your niche should be profitable

My tip is: Use keyword research to find a niche, based on volume and competition.

Register your niche

You have to register your niche, make it yours by buying a domain name with your niche. After you have successfully found a niche, it’s not a guarantee that the domain will be available. Buying a domain name for your niche is the next thing.

You can buy/register a domain name here: Register a domain

Select your dropshipping supplier

There are many suppliers in the market today, but not all the products they provide can sell quickly or make a profit. I have signed up for a number of this dropshipping companies, and I have also made a good profit from them but some them ain’t so lucky. I started with eBay, then to Amazon, I joined Shopify and then to Aliexpress. The commission from these dropping companies combined is enough to pay rent twice a month. There is no limit to the amount of supplier you can join, they all want sales.

My tip is: Find out from your selected supplier how long to deliver orders, and how they ship items, their warranties if they provide promotional materials like text links, photos, or banners etc.

Register your business

Still, on How do I start a DropShipping business? You can register the business as a functioning body for tax purposes, but if you are in the US, most of the supplier in the US will require you to present to them your tax ID, but in the UK, they don’t ask you that. The suppliers do all the deduction and give you want your earn.

Learn How To Start A Business

Choose where to sell

Now is the time to decide where you want to list your product, you can either list it on eBay, but remember eBay does dropshipping too. Also, Amazon is a great place for e-commerce, even though Amazon does dropship to. But there is another side to it. When I first started dropshipping, I started with eBay, I encountered a lot of problems because as a new seller, eBay doesn’t pay you until after 3 months. So I joined Amazon and they did an almost same thing, but with Amazon, you can choose where your product can be listed. Ruby Lane, Salehoo, and Bonanza are also a good place for an e-commerce store.

But to be honest with you, it’s better to also have your own website where you can list your product because those e-commerce sites, you only create an account with them and they have the right to shot you down anytime they want if you violate any of their terms. But if you have your site and they shot you down you can always keep your site and do the fulfillment yourself. That was what I did and because am not a web designer I got a very good offer from dataracehero for 6 months free web hosting, web design, and domain registration.

You can also try it and see for yourself: 

How Do I Start A Dropshipping Business

Promoting your business

There are many ways you can promote your store, to be honest, if you don’t promote it no one will find you. I used some methods which I will only list out for you, but I can also teach you how if you follow this link.

Because I didn’t have the money to run a massive campaign like big names too, I resorted in writing reviews of all the products and post it on every single social network I can find and before I know it, there were reshares, comments, followings, and finally conversions. An email list is a very rewarding method of getting your visitors to sign up for offers and giveaways through your site newsletters or offers. I have about 12,000 email list right now, which is very small, but its really growing and you can do just same.

List Building – Are You Buying Email List Or Solo Ads?

Register with every single social platform you can find and each review you write or each product you list, make sure to share them on all social platform. Be ready to be criticised and to answer questions.

Final thoughts

How do I start a DropShipping business is a very good question because it’s not just about telling you haw, but I am ready to show you how. Remember to follow these steps, and to be honest with you, there are more to do, picking and listing products will not get you enough sales to pay your bills, but the back end work is the most vital aspect of the whole business. I have provided some links you can follow to learn more.

If you have questions, just ask and I will be pleased to answer you.

What Is Dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

What do you understand by the term drop shipping?

I have some little explanation on this favorite topic, drop shipping.

So, What is dropshipping- Dropshipping is a sales method whereby items been sold are not found or kept in stock and when a purchase is been made, the product is then sourced from a third party seller and shipped directly to the customer by the third party seller.

What is dropshipping

The other good thing is, as a drop shipper you never get to see the products, and you never get to handle the products.

The other thing is the difference between standard retail and drop shipping is that the offering dealer doesn’t stock or possess stock. Rather, the vendor buys stock as required from an outsider (manufacturer) and they fulfill the orders.

Advantages of dropshipping

  • Less Capital Is Required
  • You don’t need to buy an item unless you officially made the deal and have been paid by the client.
  • Without major in advance stock speculations, it’s conceivable to begin a fruitful dropshipping business with almost no cash.
  • Simple to Begin
  • Everything is done online.
  • You don’t need to manage physical items.
  • You don’t need to oversee or pay for a stockroom
  • No need to dispatch products
  • You don’t need to order for products or oversee stock level
  • A dropshipping business can keep running from pretty much any place with an internet
  • Wide Choice of products
  • Offer a variety of products you don’t own
  • Simple to Scale
  • By utilizing drop shipping providers, the majority of the work from start to finish is done by manufacturer or provider.

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners in Nigeria 

What is dropshipping

Disadvantages of dropshipping

  • The price hike, this is due to the minimal starting invest, many suppliers sell at low prices to get more customers.
  • Low-quality sites and poor customer benefit.
  • Low product availability from suppliers
  • Not easy to monitor which products are in and out of stock.
  • Transportation Complexities, this is because most drop shippers engage with different suppliers in different locations, and this affects shipping cost.
  • Trust issues, because of using different suppliers from different locations, customers who order different products offered by different suppliers get different shipping cost.
  • The wrong shipment, delayed shipment, or damaged product all comes back to store owner.
  • Easy to be misled by suppliers who provide really low-quality products which leave you with bad comment/reviews.


Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Affiliate marketing programs for beginners 

How to start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing. It is safe to say that you are searching for how to profit with affiliate marketing? Or, on the other hand, would you say you are hunting down approaches to profit online as low maintenance occupation to get the bills sorted?

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners is an extraordinary approach to profit on the web. Been an affiliate advertiser is about advancing and offering affiliate projects or items, these could be physical items or administrations made or possessed by other individuals.

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Most affiliate programs have been advanced and sold by affiliate advertisers, and the affiliate gets paid a commission offering the items. Affiliate marketing is a two-way movement, whereby you profit advancing and offering affiliate programs, and the affiliate organization additionally profit.

To be a fruitful affiliate, read all I have for you here.

Picking The right Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Picking the correct Affiliate marketing programs for beginners is vital to effective affiliate marketing. Additionally, picking numerous affiliate projects to take a shot freely give you enough pay to live on. Many affiliates think by advancing any affiliate programs online is the route forward, that is not valid. Publicizing the wrong affiliate program or from the wrong affiliate organization won’t benefit you in any way. Offering shoes, coolers, and blocks in one shop will make you a jack of all exchange and ace of none. It is ideal in the event that you attempt the item you are advancing yourself and see what you make of it.

What is dropshipping?

Research is affiliate marketing best apparatus. Look an item or administration you know about, audit it and afterward offer it. You will concur with me that on the off-chance that I demonstrate you something you don’t care for, you are more probably not to get it right? Persuading your clients is essential, you will just do that in the event that you introduce yourself as the solution to their question.

Finding the right affiliate networks for beginners

We can concur that affiliate marketing is about the affiliate programs you are advancing on your site and the affiliate company. On the off-chance that you are pitching to a market in Nigeria, pitch to them more from affiliate systems which has affiliate programs for the Nigeria market. Made for Nigeria quality products or administrations will pull in more Nigerian customers. Discover affiliate networks for beginners that have extraordinary affiliate projects and join the system. A few cases of good affiliate systems are:

Affiliate advertisers can be an individual like you or an association, acknowledging you are by all account not the only one out there. You need to emerge in what you do and do it right.

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Interface with the right customers 

In the event that you need to out beat different affiliates, you need to locate the correct clients. Be associated with your clients by giving the distinctive road to correspondence. You can likewise utilize your identity as a brand, this will persuade your client in the matter of their identity speaking with. You can speak with your clients on social media like:





These will make more trust amongst you and your clients, and you are certainly going to emerge while advancing your affiliate program on the web.

Separate yourself from other affiliate marketers 

Most affiliate sites utilize same affiliate marketing materials given by the affiliate program proprietor. It is less demanding and tranquil that is the reason the majority of the marketing affiliates utilize them. Change the destinations and affiliate devices you have been given, by making your own material, by doing as such you emerge from different affiliates.

Utilize the thoughts that are given, take after their example which the affiliate program proprietor has utilized, however, make it your own. Most marketing affiliates utilize same affiliate materials as everybody is utilizing, these will set you back. Try not to underestimate anything as this will represent the deciding moment for you.


Join affiliate advertisers forums like you. Discover affiliate advertisers and trade thoughts and proposals for your business, these can make your affiliate marketing take off. Take after different advertisers and see what they are doing, what they are advancing and how they run their adverts.

Good luck and welcome to affiliate marketing programs for beginners.