How dropshipping works step by step

The Seven Steps To Success In Dropshipping

Consider these seven stages to be a checklist that you may refer to whenever you launch a new dropshipping shop. If you follow the guidelines and put up the necessary effort, you will be successful.

There are many ways to sell with eCommerce and dropshipping, just as there are with any other type of business. First, however, I’d want to provide you with a quick summary of the technique that I employ when developing new dropshipping businesses. My involvement in this has spanned about a decade, and the activities I’ve made have shown to be beneficial.

Steps to Becoming a Successful Drop Shipper

The first step is all about identifying the appropriate market segment (what you will be selling). The key to finding a successful niche is to be particular. Instead of offering a variety of various things, your objective should be to sell one unique product. We have no intention of attempting to compete with Amazon. Concentrate your efforts on a single area, and you’ll find the next phases much easier to complete, as well as generate more money from your business.

The second step is to do market research on your potential rivals. And it’s lot easier than you think! First, you’ll search online for websites selling in a prospective area that interests you. Then you’ll need to learn a few things about the websites in question.

Examples include a warehouse, a showroom, or retail stores. The objective is to identify organizations that sell online for various brands but do not have a physical presence. This indicates that they are dropship providers. Further, it implies that you are capable of competing with them!

Step three is all about getting your store up and running before you’ve located your suppliers. You must demonstrate how and where you will be selling their merchandise to the suppliers. This manner, they will genuinely accept us and we will be able to go to the following phase. This helps create trust with your potential suppliers, increasing the likelihood that they will want to deal with you.

Fourth, identify suppliers in your niche and be approved to sell for them before starting your business. You may accomplish this by contacting them via phone and email. This is the point at which you will demonstrate the store that you constructed in step three. Although it may take some time and persistence, you will eventually secure your sources. The effort will be rewarded.

Step five is focused on maximizing conversions through conversion optimization. It involves performing specific things to increase the number of people who buy while also increasing each individual’s money. The DSL main course devotes a significant amount of time to these strategies. In addition, there are other free materials accessible that aren’t specifically related to dropshipping but are nevertheless useful in their own right.

Step six is all about attracting customers to your establishment. There are strategies for increasing the number of visitors to your website, but the true secret is obtaining high-quality traffic in large quantities. As a result, you’ll obtain the most value for your money regarding your paid traffic expenditures. There are many traffic sources available for dropshipping, but if you want to avoid wasting money, you should concentrate on a handful of the most effective.

Google Product Listing Advertisements (PLAs), Amazon product ads, and very basic SEO are the routes that bring in the greatest quality traffic. I don’t advocate spending money on SEO because you can perform the most of it yourself and still profit.

The seventh step in establishing a successful dropshipping business is to begin outsourcing and automating duties as soon as possible. You should only complete this step after:

It appears like you have people flowing in and making sales (i.e., generating money). The majority of this final stage is accomplished via applications and plugins that will automate your day-to-day chores. As a result, you will work less while still earning money. I have a few different applications in the main course that I would recommend.

Outsource by employing virtual assistants to take over your business’s most fundamental and repetitive responsibilities. As a result, you can choose to work as little or as much as you desire.

It is necessary to outsource the final component of this stage. The bottom line is that you’ll want to recruit remote workers (virtual assistants) to help you with some of the more basic, repetitive duties. The ultimate objective is to establish a business where you may work as little or as much as you choose.

Listed below are the seven stages to make my business lucrative. I teach this in my course, and it has shown to be effective for more than a decade! Now that I’ve discussed briefly what you should do to be lucrative, I’d like to discuss what you should avoid doing.

The last installment of the “How to Drop Ship Profitably” series discusses the most typical blunders beginners make when starting in the business.

Dropshipping business ideas

Dropshipping Business Tools: Before starting a new dropshipping business, make sure you use the correct eCommerce software. You’ll need to do market research, buy items, and communicate order data with suppliers. Your drop shipping company plan will benefit from this.

You’ll need the following tools:

Research Tools

Understanding your target market’s needs is critical to success in demand planning and product procurement. This implies you need to pick your research tools carefully. Google Trends is the easiest to use. This is a free Google service that provides historical search data and trends. You can readily observe seasonal cycles and demand spikes to understand your consumers’ needs better.

When sourcing items from sites like Amazon or AliExpress, you may leverage built-in data. Marketers on both platforms examine sales and search data to identify hot items. This can help you locate high-demand items and is useful when doing drop surfing to find the lowest provider.

e-commerce platform

A digital storefront is essential for an internet company. Because you don’t own any items in a dropshipping business, all of your time and attention goes into establishing and marketing your website. You may either utilise a headless eCommerce platform and dropshipping website builder, or develop a storefront on an existing marketplace. 

Both solutions have drawbacks, but you must manually construct and edit all pages and content on a headless platform. This can be tedious and technical. Marketplaces provide for less control but simpler product addition and removal. Many of the greatest dropshipping sites are marketplace businesses.

Many drop shippers choose BlueCart eCommerce for their online business. It’s an all-in-one platform that makes dropshipping easy. So you can focus on selling, not shop design or eCommerce payment processing. Better still, all BlueCart clients are featured in our online marketplace, reaching over 95,000 US shoppers.

Order Tracking App

While your suppliers manage order fulfillment, you must be able to track orders and delivery for your consumers. Get access to your suppliers’ tracking software or buy your own and set up data transfers, so you’re constantly informed. Unfortunately, the finest customer service for dropshipping can’t make up for the poor fulfillment of orders. This is an area where automated dropshipping may be worth investigating to eliminate manual data tracking.

Also, ask your suppliers what they can do to help you brand your sales. Customers won’t realize you don’t supply your items if you use private label dropshipping. Every order should include a branded packing slip and RMA form.

Ideas for Dropshipping Businesses

Just because you utilize something in a dropshipping business is not a good option. A solid dropshipping concept has profit margin, supplier reliability, and market demand. If even one of those is lacking, you’ll struggle and wonder, “is dropshipping worth it?” All of this requires investigation and analysis. So instead of rushing into a new company, think about how you can maximize each decision and remain with high-demand items.

Before buying anything:

  1. Figure out your target margin.
  2. Remember that mistaking markup for margin might cut into your income.
  3. Remember to specify different wholesale and retail prices for each item you sell.

No matter how amazing your dropshipping company concept is, a mistake here might cost you a lot of money.

Dropshipping Tips

Your drop shipping concept is ready once you’ve determined your tools, anticipated demand, and established eCommerce KPIs. So, here are five great dropshipping ideas for 2022:


Sunglasses were an excellent seasonal item for dropshippers in 2021. People want to go outside more if worldwide lockdowns are lifted. So goods that keep you safe and allow you to spend more time outside are in high demand. Sunglasses are useful, but they may also convey their style, interests, and income. So to optimize your profits from these sunglasses, provide a wide range of styles that all match current demand. How to earn money dropshipping relies on this.


Socks are a perennial favorite and an extremely successful dropshipping commodity. Socks are anticipated to be valued at over $24 billion by 2025. They’re cheap, easy to send, and come in an endless variety. You may easily sell your socks if you invest correctly in eCommerce marketing. So you don’t have to choose between affiliate marketing and dropshipping. Many dropshipping firms have employed socks to grow their business fast. 


Food is usually a fantastic eCommerce product, but dropshipping gives you additional options. You can procure a theme, such as country origin or ingredients, or a large range of items. Focus on non-perishable things as other products require specific packing and might be pricey to send. So, if you want to offer baked products, cookies, or wine online, dropshipping isn’t the best option.

It’s also an excellent approach to locate dropshipping wholesale providers. You can even start selling subscription boxes and kitting all your food purchases. Finally, it’s a terrific method to get regular payments.


USB chargers keep phones, computers, and other devices charged. Unfortunately, it is often missing or overly short. Chargers are a rare exception that most electronics are better adapted to reverse dropshipping. They are cheap, have high margins, and are utilized by most homes. You may also cross offer phone covers, PopSockets, and more to improve your average order value.

Quality is more crucial than ever when selling gadgets. However, poor quality may easily annoy customers and possibly be harmful. This is a typical dropshipping beginner’s mistake that leads many clients to leave or ponder.

Yoga items

As individuals come out of hibernation and try to get back in shape, health and wellness goods are growing. Yoga is a huge segment of the fitness industry and a great place to dropship. Yoga mats and yoga pants are easy to get and provide high margins. Find trendy things and come in a variety of colors and patterns to improve sales. This is a wonderful place to start if you want to sell apparel or health products via dropshipping.


A well-executed dropshipping idea may lead to a flourishing business. Follow the following advice and spend time researching your chosen sector to make money.

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