How To Rap On Beat

How To Rap On Beat

How To Rap On Beat

This intuitive lyric writing program can help you to

Easily write lyrics

For any genre of music

By using Off The Top Freestyling.

Learn to use your new freestyle skills

To create high-quality verses and choruses for your songs.

How To Rap On Beat

You’ll learn the secrets


Kendrick Lamar


The Weeknd


Taylor Swift

Use to easily come up with lyrics and interesting rhyme patterns.

Notebook hack to keep the creativity flowing

Breakthrough any writer’s block.

With this notebook strategy alone,

You’ll have a faster and higher quality way of writing lyrics.

How To Rap On Beat

You’ll also learn how:

To use scatting to come up with flows

To match the music or beat you’re writing to.

Then you’ll learn how to turn those SCATs or rhythmic patterns into lyrics that flow with the beat.

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